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CPQ Sales Flows
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"Seamless Sales Excellence: Elevate Your Strategy with Salesforce CPQ Design Mastery."

Salesforce Industries Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is a powerful quoting tool for selling complex products and services. CPQ is tightly coupled to the Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC), so it is critical to get both right. Ensure your CPQ processes are following best practices with our CPQ Design & Implementation Review.


Our team starts with a review of the sales process flow using OmniScript, CPQ Cart, or ESM Enterprise Quoting UI and the related run-time pricing and rules. This analysis includes:

  • Assess CPQ configuration against standard best practices. 

  • Review of Cart and Digital Commerce API Performance


We provide an actionable, detailed report with personalized recommendations catering to your unique brand voice, target audience, and industry trends. The review contains:

  • Summary of the current CPQ configuration

  • Alignment to product modeling best practices

  • Detailed recommendations for CPQ configuration and customization enhancements

  • Identification of further areas for enhancements

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Let Stratus Carta take your CPQ Flows to the next level.

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