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Salesforce DevOps &

 Salesforce CI CD

"Seamless Salesforce Evolution: Elevate with DevOps & CI/CD Managed Excellence."

Designing and building a solution, and deploying it to production are two entirely different challenges. Our partner has built and implemented a DevOps tool, TestRunner ITAS, used in production at multiple Communications Cloud implementations. Running a custom DevOps stack requires additional software and a specialized, skilled team to maintain it.


Our Salesforce DevOps & CI/CD Managed Service handles the complexity for you so your team can focus on the development and testing, rather than maintaining the DevOps tooling.

Taking a Different Approach 

Hosted in the Cloud
(AWS or Azure)​
  • Built-to-Scale Multi-Threading Servers on demand​

  • Quick setup users are not required to access production orgs. ​

  • User-friendly UI, requires minimal training to get started. ​

Built upon standard Git Methodology
  • Follows universal Git branching Strategy​

  • Fits into customers' current DevOps CI/CD Processes​

  • Dedicated UI for conflict resolution, reducing the need for manual Git access for all users.

  • Seamless integration to Jenkins, ADO, Jira, and others​

  • Can automatically run Regression and Performance Tests as part of all deployments, the key to ensuring project success.​

  • Use the power of Tableau for enhanced data visibility.

Key Features for Salesforce Industries Customers
  • We primarily create features and release branches, removing the need for promotional branches and allowing for a more granular approach. ​

  • The Built-to-Scale Multi-Threading architecture allows for ​

  • Faster back promotions ​

  • Concurrent deployment by multiple users across single and multiple orgs ​

  • ITAS seamlessly manages EPC product deployments ​

  • ITAS deploys user permissions selectively based on custom metadata, avoiding the need to deploy entire profiles ​

  • ITAS can deploy multiple user stories concurrently.​

  • An Intelligent Merge process quickly detects and resolves 80% of merge conflicts allowing for quick deployments​

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A Successful Salesforce Industries Project Starts With A Strong DevOps CI/CD Approach.

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