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The Power of Early and Continuous Testing for Salesforce
Salesforce Integrated, Performance, Testing

Elevating Salesforce Industries Quality Through Integrated, Performance Testing 

​In the realm of Agile development, the pursuit of excellence extends beyond functionality and user experience – it encompasses performance. Performance testing in Agile development is the dynamic practice that ensures Salesforce Industries Cloud solution not only works but excels under real-world usage scenarios. Let's delve into the significance of performance testing within Agile and how it empowers teams to deliver high-performing software products.

Salesforce Performance Testing in Agile Development

Early Performance Validation

​Agile thrives on early and continuous testing. Performance testing integrates into each sprint, allowing teams to identify and address performance bottlenecks right from the start.

Proactive Issue Identification

Performance testing pinpoints performance issues before they can spiral into critical problems. Agile teams can act proactively to resolve issues, preventing them from impacting the overall product.

User-Centric Optimization

​Agile development emphasizes delivering value to end-users. Performance testing ensures that applications meet users' expectations for speed and responsiveness, enhancing user satisfaction.

Integration with CI/CD

Agile performance testing aligns with CI/CD pipelines. Automated performance tests run as part of the continuous integration process, providing rapid feedback to developers.

Realistic Simulations

​Performance tests replicate real-world conditions, simulating various usage scenarios. This ensures that the software performs optimally across different user loads and situations.

Continuous Monitoring

​Performance testing doesn't stop after initial assessments. Agile teams continuously monitor performance throughout the development cycle, ensuring that changes don't degrade performance.

How We Can Help

Salesforce Industries Cloud Integrated Performance Testing As A Service

The Stratus Carta Testing Process is a structured approach that makes use of the deep knowledge of the Stratus Carta staff and combines this knowledge with the testing framework. This results in a highly effective and repeatable testing approach with a proven track record.  

Stratus Carta utilizes a testing framework that has been extended exclusively to support the unique challenges of testing Salesforce Industries Cloud. Our framework easily integrates with your CI/CD process to allow automated testing to take place at the end of each code migration to proactively identify issues quickly. 

Salesforce Testing

Let Stratus Carta help enhance your Salesforce Industries Cloud quality through automated testing

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