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Comms Cloud Winter '24 Release

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Welcome to an exclusive overview of the highly anticipated Salesforce Communication Cloud Winter '24 release! In this blog post, we'll walk you through the key highlights of this revolutionary update, focusing on its impact on various modules such as Industries CPQ, Enterprise Sales Management, and Mobile Subscription Management. Get ready to uncover how these advancements can reshape your communication strategies and drive business growth. Let's dive in!

Industries Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Winter '24

Filter Compile Data Jobs by Price Lists

Imagine a more streamlined and efficient way to organize your products based on specific price lists. With the latest update in Salesforce's Industries Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Winter '24, businesses can now easily compile data for their products using the Standard Cart APIs. This means you can select and compile data for products that are specifically related to certain price lists, making the process much more precise and hassle-free. To get started, simply head to the EPC Jobs page under CMT Administration and click on "Start" next to "GENERATE COMPILE DATA." From there, you can easily choose the relevant price lists from the dropdown menu and click "Apply." This simple yet powerful enhancement ensures that your data compilation process is more efficient and targeted, allowing you to focus on what matters most – delivering the right products to your customers.

Enhancements to Standard Cart APIs

In our previous blog post for Summer '23 Highlights, we detailed how Salesforce introduced Standard Cart Based APIs. While these enhancements were not universally available across all APIs, Winter '24 brings forth a significant development. Salesforce has bridged this gap by enhancing its Standard Cart-based API Services in Core, ensuring compatibility with existing Promotions, Discounts, and Adjustments API Services in the Managed Package. This advancement promises a more comprehensive and integrated API experience for businesses, enhancing overall operational efficiency and effectiveness. With Summer '23, the following APIs support enabling Standard Cart APIs.

  • Get Cart Items (getCartsItems)

  • Get Line Items by ID (getCartsItemsById)

  • Get List of Products (getCartsProducts)

  • Add Items to Cart (postCartsItems)

  • Asset to Order (assetToOrder)

  • Update (putCartsItems)

  • Replace Offers (replaceOffers)

With Winter '23, the following additional APIs now support enabling Standard Cart APIs.

  • Get Cart Summary (getCarts)

  • Run Pricing for Items to Cart (priceCart)

Enterprise Sales Management (ESM) Winter '24

Improve User Experience of Changing Assets

Sales representatives now have a more user-friendly experience when modifying assets within Enterprise Sales Management. They can select assets in the asset viewer and add them to new or existing quotes, perform necessary edits, deletions, and disconnections. This flexibility and granularity in asset management empower sales teams to make quick and precise changes. To add assets to a quote, visit the asset viewer, make your selections, and expand the actions menu to select "Add Assets to Quote."

Improve User Experience of Changing Assets that are Related (Linked)

Sales representatives can now efficiently manage related (linked) assets for Move, Add, Change, Delete (MACD) operations. This enhancement streamlines the process of adding and modifying related assets, saving valuable time for sales teams. In the Related Asset column for an asset in the asset viewer, click the preview icon to view the "Select Linked Assets for MACD" window, where you can manage related assets effectively.

Simultaneously Delete Members and Their Assigned Offers

Sales representatives now have the capability to simultaneously delete enterprise quote members or enterprise order members and their assigned offers. This simplifies the management of members and associated offers, reducing the complexity of the process. When selecting members on the Locations tab or Subscribers tab, use the "Delete" or "Bulk Delete" options with the checkbox to also delete their assigned offers.

Support for Industries Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Standard Cart-Based APIs

Enterprise Sales Management now supports the Standard Cart-based APIs for Industries Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ). This integration simplifies operational complexities and enhances the overall user experience.

Improve User Experience with Asset Viewer Enhancements

The asset viewer has been updated to view main characterist fields in column which are configured in the b2bExpress_assetConfigData, view Relies On relationships, improved performance with server-side pagination, and the ability to group asset by Contracts which is auto-enabled. Below are the data packs required for Asset Viewer enhancements

Experience the Redesigned Working Cart

The Working Cart within Enterprise Sales Management now uses the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) design framework instead of Newport Design Systems (NDS). This provides a more streamlined look and feel with the rest of your Salesforce org.

Quickly Modify Individual Quote Line Items and Enterprise Order Line Items

Revolutionizing the way you manage your sales operations, the latest enhancements in Enterprise Sales Management promise an even smoother experience for modifying individual quote line items and enterprise order line items. With faster loading times for the product configuration page when editing a line item from the Summary tab, you can now make changes swiftly and efficiently. It's essential to note that this feature requires the download of specific integration procedures. Without these, the Edit feature for individual quote line items and order line items may not function as intended. One such integration procedure that plays a crucial role is the ESMCloneSalesQToWCWithDiscount. By incorporating these updates, Enterprise Sales Management is ensuring that your sales processes are not only more streamlined but also more user-friendly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - providing your customers with the best possible experience.

Communications Cloud B2C Agent Console (Communications Cloud Agent Console) Winter '24

Communications Cloud Agent Console

Winter '24 brings a new identity for Communications Cloud B2C Agent Console, now known as Communications Cloud Agent Console. This is purely a name change.

Upgraded Communications Cloud Service Console with a Redesigned Identity Verification Use Case

With Winter '24, agents can now verify a caller's contact information with Identity Verification directly from the Communications Service Console. This enhancement ensures that agents can confirm the caller's identity before addressing their inquiries or sharing sensitive information, thus enhancing security and customer service. Use the New Communication Service Console with Improved Identity Verification With this upgrade, your support agents can now make sure a caller is who they say they are before answering their questions or sharing private information. In the past, agents could only check a caller's personal account information. Now, they can verify a caller's identity when they connect to their personal or business account by checking their contact details. Once the verification is successful, the relevant information for personal or business accounts will appear, including any assets related to that account.

  1. To enable the Communication Service Console features, go to Setup, search for Communications Cloud in the Quick Find box, and then select Service Console Setup. Turn on Enable Service Console. To access the Communication Service Console, use the App Launcher.

  2. To let your agents take calls and use Identity Verification, integrate Salesforce Open CTI or Omni-Channel with the Service Cloud Voice channel in Salesforce.

New Communication Cloud Service Console:

Multiplay Subscription Management (MSM) Winter '24

Experience Improved Multiplay Subscription Management Migration

In this Winter '24 release, Multiplay Subscription Management undergoes an upgrade to Salesforce Industries Communications, Media, and Energy. What's notable is that components are now readily available as static resources in your Salesforce org, eliminating the need for complex migrations. This simplifies the process of adopting the latest features and functionalities.

Rather than spinning up an MSM demo org and migrating the components from it, instead download the MSM static resources from your sandbox after upgrading to the Winter '24 release.


There are a handful of patches providing bug fixes for targeted issues. If you are upgrading to the Winter '24 release, upgrade to the Winter '24 major release and the latest patch to get all the latest bug fixes. See the patch details here.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, the Salesforce Communication Cloud Winter '24 release brings some interesting updates, With a focus on streamlining processes, this update introduces notable features in Industries CPQ, Enterprise Sales Management, and Mobile Subscription Management. Notably, the enhancement to Industries CPQ allows for efficient data compilation based on specific price lists, ensuring a more precise and organized approach. Additionally, Enterprise Sales Management now offers a more user-friendly experience for modifying individual quote and order line items, while the Communication Cloud Agent Console sees significant upgrades in identity verification, enhancing security and customer service. The Multiplay Subscription Management update simplifies migration processes, making components readily available within the Salesforce org as Static resources.

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