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Enhance Your OmniScipt 

Peak Performance, Happy Customers:
Where Application Excellence Meets Customer Delight.

OmniStudio is a powerful automation suite and one of the key products of Salesforce Industries.  OmniScript is a low/no-code framework within the Salesforce ecosystem that streamlines and optimizes business processes enabling users to complete complex tasks efficiently.  OmniSctipt drives most of Salesforce Industries user interactions, so these processes must be performant. Failing to follow OmniScipt best practices or poor design decisions related to underlying OmniStudio components is a common reason for poor performance and user dissatisfaction. Stratus Carta is here to help. Take advantage of the Stratus Carta OmniScript Performance Assessment — this four-part assessment is designed to assess, analyze, and make actionable recommendations to enhance the performance of your OmniScripts.


Establish a Baseline

Creation and execution of automated single-user test script to capture as-is performance metrics


Results & Analysis

Using both automated tools and manual analysis, our analyst team creates a report with results from the performance test, highlights poor performance, and recommendations for how to resolve those issues


Review & Adjust

Our seasoned architects add their inputs to the report, and present the findings to your team, focusing on recommendations for how to resolve performance issues


Re-test the Baseline

fter your team implements the recommendations, we re-execute the test script to gather new metrics and identify the delta against the baseline

OmniScript Performance Assemment.jpg

Let Stratus Carta help you enhance your OmniScript Performance and user experience.

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